Mile Hill Farms
Contact: Renata Thiboutot
Address: Box 637 RR1 Kakabeka Falls, ON, P0T 1W0
Email Address:
Phone: 807-939-7514
About Us
Mile Hill Farms provides top quality garden produce, beef, and also value added products. We follow organic principles in all of our farming projects. All practices on the farm are focused on being self-sufficient and maintaining living soil quality, animal happiness and health. Our farm is located near Thunder Bay, Ontario.
We follow strict standards on our farm. The garden is grown in soil that has had compost added to it. The gardens soil has been made richer by using growing nitrogen rich crops on them, then turning the plants directly into the soil. We weed and treat disease by hand, crop rotation, and cover cropping. By rotating every year where plants are located we cut down on disease, and pest problems.

We follow standards with our purchasing of seed, planting, and garden care and maintenance

No use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides
No use of chemical fertilizers
No use of genetically modified organisms
No use of growth hormones
No use of animal by-products soil amendment
Treating animals humanely