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Superior Seasons Gift Certificate - Available all year for every product on the site!

Gift certificates are always a great holiday or birthday gift, and we think it's a great time to share the quality and freshness of local food with one of your friends or relatives.  Use them to buy products from any vendor on the site!

Belluz Farm Share Program - Winter C.S.A. style gift certificate for Belluz Farms products.

To help us simplify the Belluz Farm Share program, farm shares are now sold as “gift certificates” on our Superior Seasons site. You can now order any value you want.

As a pre-season bonus, only until June 1st, a 10% bonus will be added onto the purchaser’s account - similar to the bonus value you always received on Farm Shares. 

Immediately after you purchase online, your gift certificate will be emailed to you or the lucky recipient you've chosen.  When you are ready to make your first purchase, you can redeem the card by entering the code and it will credit your account and automatically track your declining balance online! You will be able to redeem it at the farm in person or online to take advantage of our delivery or pickup options.  You will need a Superior Seasons account to make all of this work even if you don't plan on ordering online regularly.  Email or phone us if you are having trouble making any of this work!  807-475-5181 x3

Purchase Gift Certificates (or Farm Shares)

Set up and log in to your Superior Seasons Food Market account to purchase a gift certificate.  Your credit card will be charged as soon as you confirm your purchase.  If you prefer not to use a credit card, please still set-up your account online and then visit a Belluz Farms location to pay in cash. Visit to find out where and when we're available in person!

1.  Complete the form below and click Add to Cart.

2.  You may then add another gift certificate to your shopping cart, or proceed to checkout.  After you have completed checkout you will receive a confirmation, your credit card will be charged and we will email the gift certificate to the email address you have entered for each recipient.

3.  Follow the instructions on the gift certificate to redeem it and activate the credit in your account!

If you'd like to keep the certificate a secret, go ahead and put your own email address in the form. You then can print out that certificate and give it when you're ready!

You must login or create an account before purchasing a gift certificate.