Subscriptions are orders that will come automatically each week (or NEW biweekly options!) after you confirm your subscription purchase!  They can take 8-17 days for the first box - to give producers time to prepare - but you'll get a confirmation a few days before the start.  You can manage your subscription yourself by logging in, clicking subscriptions and then putting them on hold if you need a break - just follow our lead time requirements so that we have enough time to notify producers.  You can also shop the site each week to add individual items you want in addition to the automatic subscription and it will all get combined into one order as long as you shop in the distribution cycle that matches your subscription.  Easy!

Our Mission:  to source sustainably grown/made products from mostly small and medium scale producers with minimal packaging - focused on flavour, NOT just appearances.  Your dollars spent here support a better food system overall.  Think about using our Single Payment option when you subscribe to help us even further and get a FREE Belluz Farms Seasons Pass ($100 value)!

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