Refund Policy

We guarantee all products. If a product is ever not to the standard you were expecting or was of low quality we will provide a credit on your account or refund the full amount to you.  That’s our 100% guarantee.  If you have concerns about a product, our Producer page lists info about all the producers and they value your feedback.


Oh No! I Forgot/Can't Pick Up My Order! Now What?

As picking and packing are done to order, and often include fresh, perishable items we are counting on you to receive and pay for your order. We will go above and beyond to try and make special arrangements.  If you want us to bring it back to our pickup location at the next available date a 2nd pickup charge will be applied. Orders not picked up from our partner locations in the allotted time become the property of that location and will be used or donated to avoid waste.

Please email as soon as you are aware of any changes to your delivery or pickup options.

Ultimately when you confirm your order you accept the terms of service. We reserve the right to charge you for a product even if our attempts to make special arrangements for you are unsuccessful.

 Please see the FAQ in our Terms of Service for further ordering details 

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