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Root Cellar Gardens
Contact: Evalisa McIllfaterick
Address: 2 Cottage Dr. E Neebing, ON, P7L0A9
Phone: 807-577-9937
About Us
Root Cellar Gardens is a small-scale, off-grid, market garden owned and operated by Evalisa McIllfaterick. It is located in South Gillies, 50km southwest of Thunder Bay Ontario. Using certified organic, ecologically-minded practices; and in concert with other growers in the area, Root Cellar Gardens looks to support local communities and ecosystems through its products and practices.
A variety of vegetables, herbs, and flowers are grown at Root Cellar Gardens. Regionally adapted seeds are also grown out and saved, sold, and replanted each year. Vegetable varieties selected for production are chosen for their abilities to grow in our northern climate, their ‘storability’, and contribution to the overall health of the garden ecosystem… and of course their divine edibility. Just as in the kitchen, herbs play an important, enhancing role in the garden. Strategically placed amongst the veggies, they work as companion plants, supporting healthy, vigorous growth in their neighbours and vice versa. To top it all off, flowers in the garden play numerous important roles including both attracting pollinators and repelling insect “pests”, feeding soils, creating cross-pollination buffer-zones, and being beautiful. Seeds produced are chosen to complement the seed saving efforts of others in our region, and to support the needs of Root Cellar Gardens.

Root Cellar Gardens is committed to encouraging and supporting year-round local eating through creative collaboration with our natural world and businesses and organizations sharing our vision.