DeBruin's Greenhouses
Contact: Arjen & Henriet DeBruin
Address: 3033 Hwy 61 Slate River, ON, P7J 0G7
Email Address:
Phone: 807-475-7545
About Us
For nearly 3 decades DeBruin's Greenhouses has been growing plants and vegetables for our customers. The first 10 years we only grew flowering bedding plants and the decision was made later to add greenhouse vegetables. Since 2016, we are happy to say, that we now only grow fresh vegetables for our retail and wholesale customers. The quality of our produce has always been, and always will be of very high quality. So you can expect the best from us!
Innovation and attention are the hallmarks of our fresh produce production. We constantly research and experiment with the latest pesticide-free methods of growing for each different crop, adopting new, Nature-inspired methods in our tomato greenhouse and hydroponics gardens that prove through testing to provide superior results: beautiful produce that tastes even better than it looks.