DeBruin's Greenhouses
Contact: Kevin Belluz, local distributor for the DeBruins
Address: 3033 Hwy 61 Slate River, ON, P7J 0G7
Email Address:
Phone: 807-475-5181
About Us
For nearly two decades DeBruin’s has been growing… and you’re always welcome to come and watch. We opened our first greenhouse – 800 square feet – in 1990, beginning with just bedding plants. Since then we’ve grown to over 17,000 square feet of greenhouses, including a single enormous structure dedicated entirely to growing our signature tomato crop.

Although you won’t find bedding plants or perennials here anymore, in 2016, we’re growing an entire greenhouse full of juicy red strawberries, and will be offering a limited quantity of strawberry planter baskets for sale for customers who like to grow their own.

We’re also able to double the numbers of vines we grow for our most popular tomato varieties, ensuring a constant supply of fresh, ripe tomatoes for our retail customers and a surplus we plan to process for storage – more on those plans at a later date.
Innovation and attention are the hallmarks of our fresh produce production. We constantly research and experiment with the latest pesticide-free methods of growing for each different crop, adopting new, Nature-inspired methods in our tomato greenhouse and hydroponics gardens that prove through testing to provide superior results: beautiful produce that tastes even better than it looks.