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Zephyr Organics
Contact: Kevin Belluz local distributor for the Eng Family
Address: 10900 Concession 4 Zephyr, ON, L0E 1T0
Phone: 807-475-5181
About Us
At Zephyr Organics, we believe that healthy soil makes healthy produce, and healthy produce makes nutritious foods. We have been growing certified organic vegetables for 25 years now on our third-generation family-owned farm. Over 100 acres of certified organic vegetables, fruits and herbs are grown in our fields and greenhouse in Durham Region
Certified Organic by Pro-Cert.
Respecting the environment by decreasing erosion of the soil, decreasing pollution and promoting a healthy and productive environment.
Keeping the soil healthy and nutrient rich to generate healthy plants.
Protecting biological diversity on the farm.
Minimizing waste and encouraging good stewardship of resources.
For livestock (we currently have none) respecting the needs of the animals for optimum health.
Handling the product in such a way that the integrity and natural vitality are preserved.
Utilizing local and renewable resources.