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Kernal Peanuts
Contact: Local Distributor Kevin Belluz
City: Vittoria, ON,
About Us
Yes! Peanuts are grown in Canada.

Kernal Peanuts Ltd. is the largest peanut grower in Canada.
It is owned and operated by Ernie and Nancy Racz of Vittoria, Ontario. The company is situated on the Racz family farm on Norfolk Road 58, about ½ mile south of Vittoria, Ontario or ten minutes south of Simcoe.

While peanuts have been grown in the U.S.A. for sometime, they were introduced to Canadian soil in 1982.

Peanuts are only grown in the southerly part of the Province of Ontario. With the decline in tobacco consumption in the 1980's and 1990's, Norfolk County farmers searched for an alternate cash crop to utilize their expertise and considerable existing capital investment.

The County possesses the right combination of sandy soil and temperate climate to produce a high quality crop.
All the buildings on the farm are heated with an outdoor wood furnace. This furnace is fueled with peanut shells and wood. The wood system dries the peanuts in the kiln during harvest and also supplies us with hot water.

The waste peanut oil from our roasting procedure is recycled and is used for fuel in our farm tractors.