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Manning Canning
Contact: Kevin Belluz, local distributor for Christine Manning
Address: 105 Vanderhoof Ave, Unit 8 Toronto, ON,
About Us
Christine Manning owns Manning Canning Kitchens Inc., a preserves company and independent food hub in Toronto.

Christine learned the craft as a child from her mother and her Nonna, with family recipes brought over from Friuli region of Italy. After 15 years of successful marketing career, she started preserving again in her off hours to unwind.

In reworking family recipes, and creating new ones, Christine never forgot her Nonna’s cardinal rules: use only the best ingredients, keep it simple and don’t take shortcuts.

Neighbours and friends couldn’t get enough of her preserves, and Christine began selling at farmer’s markets on weekends. Consumer response was overwhelmingly positive, convincing Christine to quit her day job and found Manning Canning Kitchens.

Today, making small batches by hand using local ingredients allows Manning Canning to ensure quality and deliver a product that stands out because, as people always tell her “It tastes like it should!”

“It doesn’t matter if your product looks great on Instagram, or if you use the latest fad ingredient, if it doesn’t consistently taste good you don’t have a business”

You can find Manning Canning’s award winning products at 45 stores across Ontario, as well as at Toronto farmers markets and food events. Christine works out of her own facility, funded in part with a successful Kickstarter campaign. The facility is also available for use by independent food entrepreneurs who need access to kitchen time, equipment and consulting to grow their small food businesses.