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Bare Organics
Contact: Karen Kerk
City: Thunder Bay, ON,
About Us
Products for Bare Organics are managed by Superior Seasons, please contact us directly with regards to products from this producer.

Bare Organics emerged to fill a need for high quality, truly safe and organic skin care.
Bare Organics was started by Karen Kerk-Courtney shortly after the birth of her first child. Karen searched high and low for truly natural personal care products for his tender skin. She discovered that most “natural” and “organic” baby care products were actually filled with unsafe chemical ingredients. She needed something better so she started researching and testing her own recipes. Slowly, Bare Organics grew…


We make safe skin care products using food-grade ingredients without synthetic ingredients or harsh preservatives.
Educate consumers about ingredients in skin care products, the (lack of) regulations in Canada and how to make wise decisions.
Encourage consumers to use only a handful of high quality skin care products instead of a cupboard full of synthetic, harmful products.

Bare Organics is a family business dedicated to “practicing what we preach”. Our head office and modest manufacturing facility are located just outside Thunder Bay, ON.