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Boreal Berry Farm and Winery
Contact: Kevin Belluz local distributor for Melien Family
Address: 748 Little Brule Road Warren, ON, P0H2N0
Phone: 705-920-7096
Our commitment to the natural environment shows in the diversity of wildlife that makes our farm their homes. From blue mason bees, to nesting pairs of peregrine falcons and sandhill cranes, we protect our our farm's natural biodiversity by using only sustainable, earth friendly and low impact farming techniques. Harvesting is done by hand, we use ground cover crops and no-till soil maintenance. We are certified bee friendly and reduce our carbon impact by using natural and biodynamic farming methods. Our Orchard nestled in the spectacular boreal forests of Northern Ontario is a migration stopover for hundreds of birds,and habitat for deer, moose, porcupines, muskrats and beavers, and black bears.