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Norfolk Fruit Growers
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About Us
The Norfolk Fruit Growers' Association's is dedicated to providing top-quality Ontario apples to our fellow Canadians and to the rest of the world. Over 90 years of expertise, respect for consumer concerns, and a never-ending diligence to improve our product are testament to our success, both now and in the future. Our association presently boasts 10 active member-growers who collectively ship their apples and pears through our central facilities. Many of them have been with us for four generations, and some for even five! Our Association is structured to accommodate members' apples on an individual packout basis, after which the fruit is pooled by variety. After deductions are made for overhead costs, each member receives all the proceeds available from the pool based on a yearly average price per unit for each variety. Members are provided with field containers and other orchard supplies as well as technical information services to ensure a quality product and consistency at every step of production.