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August's Harvest
Contact: Kevin Belluz local distributor for Warren Hamm
Address: 4727 E Perth Road 130 (519) 393-5550 Gadshill, ON, N0K 1J0
Phone: 807-475-5181
About Us
August's Harvest sits on 100 acres of farmland just north of Stratford, Ontario and has been growing garlic commercially for 30 years; supplying grocery stores, food services, CSA food boxes and clean seeds for gardeners and farmers, as well as garlic feed supplements for race horses and livestock farmers across North America. They grow shallots and various other bulb crops.
Owner, Warren Ham, has worked with the University of Guelph and governments to develop disease and virus free garlic seed for the strains of garlic grown in Ontario, and was a co- founder of the Stratford Kiwanis Garlic Festival.