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Spent Goods
Contact: Kevin Belluz, local distributor for Dihan Chandra
City: Toronto, ON,
About Us
The Spent Goods Company was born out of frustration at seeing so much waste in the world–waste that’s harmful to the environment. We’re at a critical moment in history where real changes, both large and small, are necessary to mitigate the dangers of climate change. The Spent Goods Company strives to:

Inspire social acceptance of upcycling food
Encourage greenhouse gas reduction through financial incentives
Promote local adoption of circular economy solutions
To make baked goods, Spent Goods facilitates the sourcing of spent grains from Henderson Brewing Co to artisan bakery, Drake Commissary.

Special mention to Jonathan, Jonas, Roma, Mia, Kentaro, Tim, Colton and rest of the bakery team, who are responsible for baked works of art.

We work locally as much as possible.

We’re seeking to transform the significant volume of spent grains produced by urban craft breweries and feed people locally, instead of transporting to landfills or animal farms hours outside of the city.

By working with local businesses, we encourage a more resilient local food supply – For instance, Mark from K2Milling provides us with seasonal and certified organic wheat, kamut and rye flours.

We believe that when local businesses collaborate, we all win.

Local businesses realize cost savings / generate revenue / promote a sustainable lifestyle through sale of Spent Goods.