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Bears' Bees & Honey
Contact: Barry Tabor
Address: 1170 Lakeshore Drive Shuniah, ON, P7A0S4
Phone: 807-475-5181
About Us

Products for bears' bees & HONEY are managed by Superior Seasons, please contact us directly with regards to products from this producer,

bears’ bees & HONEY is a family run, local company established in 1996. We are a small operation managing 50 honey bee colonies at the height of the summer season. Our Apiaries are situated on the North Shore of Lake Superior and at the top of Lake Nipigons- Ombabika Bay.
At bears’ bees & HONEY we believe in purity and quality. Our honey is pure, natural and unpasteurized 100% Ontario HONEY. We do not use automated machinery to process our honey, it is hand processed. We believe in supporting and enhancing the native pollinators’ and their environment.