Superior Bakes
Contact: Kevin Belluz, local distributor for Jenni Ritchie
Address: 378 Minstrel Bay Thunder Bay, ON, P7G1H4
Email Address:
Phone: 807-472-2101
About Us
We produce 2 lines of products high protein and keto friendly. We add additional protein to our products in the form of natural whey, greek yogurt and eggs. We keep the sugar and carbohydrate content low in our keto products by using stevia as a sweetener and either coconut or almond flour.
We only use natural ingredients in all our products. Sweeteners are either stevia, honey and maple syrup. Flours are either gluten free oats, coconut or almond. Our goal is to create a healthier alternative to your favourite treats. We never use chemical or artificial ingredients in any of our products. Our products are created superior by nature and superior for your body!