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Walkabout Farm
Contact: Janice Groenheide
Address: 1801 Highway 595 South Gillies, ON, P0T 2V0
Phone: 807-708-1952
About Us
We are a family run farm, located in South Gillies, ON.

Rob and Janice Groenheide opened Walkabout Farm in 2011. After moving the pork and lamb production to our farm we continue to work closely with Tarrymore Farms, owned and operated by Bill and Jenny Groenheide.

Growing up in South Gillies, ON, Rob spent many years working on his family's farm before attending the University of Guelph for a diploma in Agriculture.

Janice was very involved in agriculture while growing up on her family's sheep farm. She was very active in both 4-H and her local agricultural society. After attending the University of Guelph for Agriculture and Conestoga College for Paramedics, Janice moved to Thunder Bay and currently works as a paramedic as well as on the farm.

We both enjoy being able to work on the farm and love sharing those experiences with our three daughters Avery, Marissa and Brynn.
Walkabout Farm began breeding their own Berkshire Pigs in 2014. We currently have 8 breeding sows and two boars. All of our pigs are pasture raised in the summer on our farm in South Gillies, ON.

Berkshire Pigs are a heritage breed originally from England. Berkshire pigs are known for their juicy and flavourful meat. The Berkshire pig is mostly black in colour and is known to do well outside on pasture.

Walkabout Farm currently has a flock of 80 ewes, which are raised on pasture in the summer and fed hay in the winter. We have recently added an East Friesian Ram to our flock with the hopes of increasing milk production. We are very excited about future developments with our lamb flock and are looking forward to lambing beginning in March 2016.