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Superior Seasons Social Enterprise
Contact: Belluz Farms, coordinator for all producers
Address: 752 Candy Mtn. Dr. Slate River, ON, P7J 0C2
Phone: 807-475-5181
About Us
Why do we consider Superior Seasons a social enterprise? It is managed by Belluz Farms, a private business, on a cost recovery basis for all producers donating much of our infrastructure to help keep the site active (don't even ask us how many hours of time!). We work cooperatively with mostly small-medium sized businesses to provide more transparent access to local, regional and seasonal Ontario items, primarily food based. Most producers can manage their own inventory and prices and receive at least 90% of the price you pay. The site is completely transparent so that you can see exactly who produced your product, how it was produced, where it came from, and how to contact the producer directly with any questions or concerns you may have.
Please visit each individual producer to learn more about their methods and practices.