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Hillside Gardens
Contact: Kevin Belluz local distributor for Ron Gleason
Address: 1383 River Road Bradford, ON, L3Z 2A6
Phone: 807-475-5181
About Us
For four generations, Hillside Gardens Ltd. has been growing root vegetables in the rich muck soil of the Holland Marsh in Ontario’s Greenbelt. Our farm grows onions, carrots, turnips, beets, and parsnips, as well as heritage varieties of coloured beets and carrots, which are place-packed and shipped across Ontario and beyond.
All of our produce is safety-certified to the high standards of the CanadaGAP program and when it was still operating, Local Food Plus-certified. We take pride in the freshness and quality of our crops and strive to provide safe, trustworthy produce with our traceability program.