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Real Food Kitchen
Contact: Kevin Belluz local distributor for the Cohen-Farnell family
Address: 115 Saulter St S Toronto, ON, M4M 3K8
Phone: 416-410-5437
About Us
Growing up in Paris, preparing and eating delicious healthy foods made fresh from scratch daily with quality ingredients, was the norm at our home.

When I was a kid, my grandmother’s kitchen was my playground. Several times a week we visited farmer’s markets and were encouraged to smell and touch the food, exchange ideas with the farmers and local producers and dream about the delicious meals we would cook together that day.

For me, cooking is like painting. Armed with a varied palette of colourful and tasty ingredients, spices and fresh herbs, cooking becomes a sensory game.

The real food promise: no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners; no added nitrates or nitrites. Peanut, tree-nut & shellfish free with vegetarian & vegan meals made in our kitchen, not a laboratory.

Always from Ontario:
Beef - pasture-raised without added hormones or routine antibiotics
Pork - pasture-raised without routine antibiotics (or added hormones, like all pork)
Air-chilled chicken & fresh dairy products
High quality custom-made products from local producers
RFRK has made a commitment to prioritize Ontario-grown ingredients. By supporting local farms, we’re making an investment in our local economy!
RFRK is committed to reducing our environmental impact by sending as little trash as possible to our overflowing landfills.