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Nor'Wester Maple Company
Contact: Sean Murray
Address: 260 Elron Cres. Thunder Bay, ON, P7C5T5
Phone: 807-708-7346
About Us
Truly Northern Maple Syrup

The Nor'Wester Maple Company was founded in 2016 by a group of four eccentric friends. Maple syrup isn't just maple syrup. Let's get that out of the way right off the bat.The syrup you can buy in the store is usually made in massive, industrial operations in Qu├ębec, where sap from hundreds of different farmed sugarbushes is mixed together; the good, the bad, and the ugly, to make a product which is, on the whole... okay. But it can be so much better than that. Much like fine wines, maple syrup made from a single stand has a set of flavours and scents which are lost in the industrial stuff.
Notes of caramel and honey that tend to linger without the "harsh" aftertaste of industrial syrups, which are mixed based on colour, not taste. Our maple syrup in particular is a unique food, grown semi-wild on the edges of a much wilder forest, and gently caramelized over a roaring wood fire on the edge of an outcropping of Canadian shield in beautiful Neebing Township just south of Thunder Bay.

The Nor'Wester Maple company is proud to offer this 100% pure, single-sourced maple syrup. Try it, and you'll taste the northern difference.
1. We sustainably tap our maple trees by following strict industry standards on tree size and taps per tree to ensure the maples can be tapped for generations.

2. Our operation is equipped with new tap technology referred to as 'Health Spiles', these taps which help us collect the sap from our trees, are much smaller than old traditional bucket taps and therefore cause significantly less damage to the tree when they are installed.

3. The large amount of firewood needed to reduce the raw sap into 100% pure maple syrup is harvested from within and around the maple forest. Proper thinning and bush cleaning promotes healthy forest growth. In addition, we use a mix of tree species as firewood fuel and leave many old trees around for animal habitat and to promote bio diversity within our forest.