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veg·e·tate market garden
Contact: Justin Friedel & Caitlin Peuramaki-Brown
Address: RR#2 Kaministiquia, ON, P0T 1X0
Phone: 807-252-0906
About Us
Veg·e·tate market garden is a small-scale, intensive market garden owned and operated by Justin Friedel and Caitlin Peuramaki-Brown. Located in Kaministiquia, Ontario, veg·e·tate market garden provides fresh, high quality produce to the city of Thunder Bay and surrounding region. Using traditional horticultural techniques with modern technologies, we aim to create a simple and efficient food production system throughout four seasons.
We specialize in “salad” crops that are selected based on their flavour, esthetics and culinary versatility. Our field produce is grown using intensive gardening practices on permanent beds, to maximize our small growing area (less than 1 acre). We use both hand-held tools and a walk behind tractor, which allow us to operate on a small scale. This means that everyday we have direct contact with our plants and soil. We also employ hoophouses and low tunnels to provide a protected microclimate for early spring and late fall crops, along with providing summer pest protection for susceptible crops.
We maintain our soil with our own plant-based compost, green manures, natural amendments and crop rotations. This ensures both healthy plant growth and long term soil health. Inorganic or organic sprays are never used, nor are other methods that serve as short term relief for plant and soil stress.
No GMOs or animal by-products are used. We use certified organic seeds whenever possible.