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The Garlic Box
Contact: Local Distributor Kevin Belluz
City: Hensall, ON,
About Us
Starting with a one-acre plot in rural Ontario in 1997 the vision to bring locally grown garlic to the kitchen helped seed the growth of an industry. The stretch of land cradled between Lake Huron and Lake Ontario is home to some of the provinces most fertile fields, but its limestone-rich PH-neutral soil is especially loved by garlic seeds. Plus, the area has solid winters - needed for cold thriving garlic to develop generous, healthy bulbs.

The start-up efforts to reach consumers about the benefits of Canadian grown garlic has branded The Garlic Box as Canada's leading premier company of gourmet garlic food product made with select cold-climate garlic.
Our family-run business grows, develops and manufactures premium foods made with Ontario grown garlic, processing more than 50,000lbs of fresh garlic per year. Innovative products, including the revolutionary IQF peeled cloves for consumer and industrial use, elevates everyday cooking into star status healthy meals. Ontario garlic is prized for its superior health benefits and flavour.