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Forrest Farm
Contact: Bruce and Valve Forrest
Address: 784 Barrie Drive Kakabeka Falls, ON, P7K 0J9
Phone: 807-473-9609
About Us
Environmentally friendly production of charolais and angus beef and rabbits. Sides, quarters or individual cuts of beef available year round. Also ground beef and ready made patties. Forrest Beef is a family-run business owned by Bruce and Valve Forrest. Formerly a dairy farm operated by Bruce's parents,John and Kathleen Forrest since the 1940's. Bruce took over in 1970 with 2 cows-the beginning of his beef herd. Breeds raised are predominantly Charolais and some crossbred Angus cows. The herd has grown to 50 cows plus their calves and young stock for replacements. Our goal is to produce the highest quality beef that you can enjoy eating. All our beef is sold "freezer trade" with processing done by Thunder Bay Meat Processing, where experienced staff custom cut orders by artisan butchering. The ancient method of dry ageing leaves the beef naturally tender with a bolder flavour and juicier buttery texture.
Just as the Tuscan soil imparts a world renowned flavor to lamb or wine produced in Italy, our beef is flavourful because of the mineral rich soil our livestock feed is grown on combined with the short growing season and the intensity of the northern sun. Pastures are rotationally grazed by moving the herd to new pasture fields every 3-4 days. All our animals are born and raised on our farm and are traceable by eartag identification when sold. We are continually updating our high quality care and production methods for our herd. By applying the newest research on animal husbandry,health,feeding,comfort and genetics we produce healthy,contented well muscled calves. On our farm you will see cows with nursing calves born in the spring, steers ready for market and fryer rabbits.