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Quinta Local Superfoods
Contact: Kevin Belluz Local Distributor
City: Nipissing, ON, P0H1W0
About Us
Quinta Local Superfoods Inc. is an Ontario corporate enterprise that specializes in growing and preparing high quality, local, gluten free crops. We work with progressive growers to produce high quality current and future crops, including superfood crops such as quinoa. We are able to prepare high quality, pure and gluten-free raw and functional foods.
Quinta Quinoa honours the ancient Inca history of quinoa and represents a major step forward in the local research and development of this SuperFood crop in North America. Quinta Quinoa varieties are grown using best practices by Canadian farmers focusing on local quinoa of the highest quality and purity. From our family to yours, we aim to produce Quinta Quinoa with the highest protein, mineral, and amino acid levels offered to the North American market in the near future.