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Prime Gelato
Contact: Kevin Belluz, local distributor for Calonego Family
Address: 200 Red River Rd. Thunder Bay, ON, P7B 1A4
Phone: 807-344-1185
About Us
Prime Gelato offers high quality, creative, artisanal gelato made fresh every day. We believe in sustainability and buying local. We source as many local ingredients as possible. The milk and cream we use come from the Slate River Valley and surrounding areas. We use local eggs, honey, maple syrup, wild blueberries, strawberries (seasonal), pumpkins, herbs, etc. The flour we use for our homemade waffle cones and crepes. We also support local artisans.

We offer unique and tantalizing flavours you won't see anywhere else. Come into our tasting room and try some gelato for yourself! But be warned: it's a testing kitchen - you might not find the same flavours twice!
When you buy our products, you are supporting our local economy.

We believe in natural ingredients. There are no artificial flavours, no modified milk ingredients, no high fructose corn syrup, no fillers, no preservatives and no artificial colours in our products. Our gelato is real food made from real ingredients.

Our selection includes dairy-free and vegan friendly options as well. Find a new favourite flavour each time you visit and soon you'll be able to find it in your local food specialty store or restaurant!