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k2 Milling
Contact: Kevin Belluz local distributor for Mark Hayhoe
Address: 120 Dayfoot Street Beeton, ON, L0G 1A0
Phone: 807-475-5181
About Us
k2 Milling is the evolution of flour milling in this family.
- 125 years ago [1891], my great grandfather and his brother started a coffee, tea and spice business [R.B. HAYHOE Foods] klose to the St.Lawrence Market in Toronto.
- 81 years ago [1935], my grandfather started wheat flour milling [HAYHOE Mills] in Pine Grove.
- 12 years ago [2004], k2MILLING was kreated and stepped firmly into the past.
We have also been milling organic flour for 21 years, the longest in Canada. What we mill today is very diverse. Traditional wheat flours make up less than 30 % of our daily grind. We developed a new method of milling, which allows for a very versatile product line with high nutritional value and wonderful taste and nutrition. We source the majority of our grains from farms in South Simcoe County and northern York county.