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Homestead Eggs
Contact: Kevin Belluz, local distributor for the Flack family
Address: 983 Graham Sideroad Newmarket, ON, L3Y 4V9
Phone: 905-775-2106
About Us
We started grading eggs in 1978 when my parents Tom & Margaret Flack wanted to supply our eggs to local stores. All the eggs that we couldn’t sell ourselves went to a larger egg station at the end of the week. That gave us a fresh supply of eggs for our local customers. In 1983, we had the opportunity to purchase an existing Registered Egg Grading Station in Barrie, Ontario. This increased our customer base and egg supply. Due to the illness of my father and the termination of the lease, my father designed facilities on the farm.
In May of 1986, we started construction of our Registered Egg Grading Station which was completed in August. Our grading machine allows us to handle all the eggs individually so we can inspect each egg. Besides grading eggs daily, we also rely on a larger Egg Grading Station to supply all the sizes of eggs we require as it is very difficult to have a producer base that gives us a guaranteed supply of every size and variety the whole year. Certain specialty products have seasonal periods that are not as plentiful as others but we do our best to accommodate all our customers needs. Even if it means that they receive half of the specialty eggs they ordered. Thankfully, there has never been a shortage of large size eggs.
Free run eggs are produced by hens that roam in open-concept barns that have man-made nests and perches, just like the eggs we raise at Homestead Farms.