Seasonal Food Box - Wed
Seasonal Food Box - Wed
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Site Quirk: Superior Seasons operates in 2 order cycles with Wednesday or Saturday pick up/delivery days. If you happen to order this box in the Saturday cycle, you'll get an automated SATURDAY confirmation right after you place your order. Don't worry!! You've ordered a Wednesday box :)
This box contains items grown as close to home as possible using local first, Northern Ontario second and other nearby neighbours last. We'll fill it mostly with fresh vegetables and/or fruit (depending on the season) and the rest will be a made up of specialty products like local cheese, bread, milk, coffee, eggs, etc. Choose free pick-up locations or Home Delivery for only $7 extra! No meat or frozen product is included - please shop from the many great meat producers on the site if you'd like to add that on at any time separately. Wondering what fruit or vegetables are in season (fresh picked or root cellared) right now? Just explore the current offerings on the site for some ideas of what you might get! Note: This box can contain any item from this site, if you have severe allergies, it would be best to just collate your own special box by browsing the site yourself. Don't worry, we'll still deliver!
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