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Pfennings Organics
Contact: Kevin Belluz, Local distributor for Almut and Wolfgang
Address: 1760 Erb's Road West St. Agatha, ON, N0B 2LO
Phone: 519-725-4282
About Us
Wilhelm and Barnhild decided to look to the future and moved themselves and all four children (ages 11 to 19) to Canada in the fall of 1981. The family immediately started farming on the land where we are located to this day. Today, the farm is operated by Wolfgang and Ekkehard. Our farm is nestled in a curve of the Nith River just outside New Hamburg, Ontario, offering us a peaceful setting in which to raise our children. We think “local first” and focus on family and community building. From that starting point, we develop market relationships where mutual respect is the foundation. Our staff, including Jamaican migrant workers, are not only employees, but neighbours and friends.
Our organic certification follows the Canadian Organic Standard. The organic standard is regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. We hire a certification body, Pro-Cert, to oversee our operation and inspect our farms and facilities against the Standard. We submit documentation outlining our Organic Plan once per year and as updates are made. Mid growing season we are inspected by a verification officer.