Unika Cosmetics
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About Us
UniKa Cosmetics is a Canadian company dedicated to creating innovative natural and organic makeup, skincare, as well as bath and body products that are cruelty-free, gluten-free, and environmentally conscious.
Unika means unique. UniKa Cosmetics is a Canadian cosmetics company created with the well-being and beauty of women in mind. It was developed out of my personal need for skin care products that gave visible results… results that I could actually see and feel.

As a lifetime cosmetic consumer, I know that skincare is essential, it is a key factor if we want to have a radiant glowing complexion. Even the best colour palette of cosmetics will look dull if our skin is not well taken care of.

After years of trying a lot of different products and after doing some research, I found out that for a vast majority of products on the market, quality is hard to achieve naturally, without the standard and often toxic petro-chemicals. I noticed that there are other skin care lines already out there calling their products natural, but they still include objectionable ingredients like parabens, bismuth oxychloride, talc and boron nitride.

To my surprise, I noticed that this applies to both skincare and color. So instead of continuing the frustrating (and seemingly impossible) search for the ideal cosmetic line, I decided to create the solution for myself: along with some of the most innovative and creative professionals in the cosmetic industry, I set out to create a line of natural and organic skin care and make up that would actually work, a line that is totally PABA-free, talc-free, boron nitride-free… the UniKa Cosmetics line.

Today I work with a group of local skin care experts and our main goal is to develop new and exciting natural, organic and mineral cosmetics. Glamorous looks can be achieved naturally without sacrificing product effectiveness. And most important of all, our products are always formulated with your health and beauty in mind.