Superior Seed Producers
Contact: A collection of Thunder Bay growers
City: Thunder Bay, ON, P7B1C4
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About Us

Products by the Superior Seed Producers are managed by Superior Seasons, please contact us directly for inquiries and feedback on their products,

Our aim is to provide gardeners who have favourite varieties adapted to our climate an opportunity to share them in a meaningful way that acknowledges the work involved. By including numerous growers who can contribute one or a few varieties that they know grow well locally, we are developing a range of local seeds to sell.
Superior Seed Producers is a collective of local Thunder Bay area growers who promote the saving and distribution of locally adapted, sustainably grown, open-pollinated non-GMO seeds in Northwestern Ontario, while educating and supporting those who want to learn more about saving seeds.

As Superior Seed Producers is a collection of businesses/individuals, each growing out their favourite seeds, the source of each seed is indicated in brackets beside each variety name. Our growers include :

BH - Bear Haven, GG - Gwenothe's Garden, MH - Mile Hill Farms, RC - Root Cellar Gardens, TT - Tulip Tree, UFO - Urban Farm Organics