Victory Herbs and Farms
Contact: Kevin Belluz, local distributor for Vivek Rakajumar
Address: 2100-2118 Seventh Street Louth St. Catharines, ON, L2R6P7
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Phone: 905-682-5481
About Us
Concerned with the rising costs of fuel and food, Vivek Rakajumar set out to grow his own food as well as food for others.

Vivek is new to farming but not to the farming business. A salesman in the industry, Vivek sold coconut mulch used mostly in hydroponics operations. He saw a lot of farming operations and began to have his own ideas of what could be done. Vivek spent a lot of time in Mexico as well and says in many ways, the Mexican agricultural industry is far ahead of that in Niagara and it's progressing faster. But the opportunity presented itself in Niagara and the Sri Lankin started his new farm operation on Seventh Street Louth called Victory Herbs & Farm.

Vivek and partner Carl Mendonca purchased the 13-acre property last year and began growing everbearing strawberries in tall towers in the warmth of a large hoop house. It's not a small operation. Some 14,000 plants bearing ripe red strawberries hang down from the plants that grow out of the sides of the towers. Of course, the strawberries are planted in a rich mixture of coconut mulch.
Certified Organic.